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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Duncan needs to go

It is a serious breach of the public trust for the chairman of the board of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority to take sides and personally interfere in elections on transit issues.

TBARTA Chairman Ronnie Duncan is leading YES for Greenlight. That’s the campaign in Pinellas County to support a referendum that would raise billions in new taxes to pay for expanded bus service and light rail. As TBARTA chairman, Duncan represents that agency in everything he does — all the time. He can’t call “King’s X” when he is raising money and advocating tax increases for transit. The serious responsibility of serving on and representing a taxpayer-funded public agency board is 24/7.

One must avoid even the appearance of impropriety all the time. Duncan shows a breathtaking disregard for our ethics laws and the principle of public trust.

Duncan’s activities place him in an untenable position as a member of the TBARTA board, and TBARTA’s condoning of his activities puts that agency in an untenable position impeding the full and faithful discharge of public duties for both Duncan and the agency.

The TBARTA board needs to remove him as chairman, or he needs to resign — immediately.

Duncan is a gubernatorial appointee. This has to be an embarrassment for Rick Scott in an election year.

Duncan must go.

Ken Roberts

Apollo Beach

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