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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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‘Duck Dynasty’ and Florida’s unemployed

Shame on all media outlets. There is a crisis with the unemployed not being able to collect their benefits in Florida, and it seems the most critical event happening is the “Duck Dynasty” fiasco.

Shame on those of you with the power to spread the word and ignite change and accountability for what has happened, but chose to do nothing. Well, other than lament endlessly over Phil Robertson’s right to free speech.

Shame on the agencies that are supposed to be there to help those in need during a crisis. They do not answer their phones or return messages. You cannot apply for assistance from these charitable organizations without an appointment. If you can never reach anyone to schedule an appointment, how do you get help?

Shame on all of you who spent your day with gifts and a Christmas feast discussing the fate of “Duck Dynasty” while those of us caught up in the state’s mess resulting in $0 income for three months will receive eviction notices and shutoff notices from TECO.

Stay classy Trib and keep covering what is important.

Shari Godfrey


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