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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Dreading more firebombs on New Year’s Eve

In response to the “Stop the fireworks” letter from Kathie Williams (Your Views, July 11): Just to let the writer know, she is among the majority who feel as she does about illegal fireworks. There is a law in Florida concerning usage of fireworks in residential areas, but Florida’s Legislature chooses to ignore it.

The lobbyists for fireworks companies have deep pockets, and money means more in this state than the peace and quiet or safety of the citizens. All citizens, our veterans included, are affected, as well as our animals.

They no longer sell only firecrackers; they now sell firebombs. My neighborhood is a war zone day and night, from when the tents go up until two weeks thereafter.

I am asking that all citizens of Florida who like to celebrate our holidays but resent this kind of celebration happening in their neighborhoods contact their county commissioners and the Legislature. My complaints are usually ignored, or I’m “the only one who complains.” New Year’s Eve is not too far away.

Dottie Clark

Apollo Beach

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