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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Don’t reduce deficit on backs of our military

Regarding “Forced reduction” (front page, Feb. 25): Here we go again, cutting the military back to bare bones. Haven’t we learned our lessons after WWI and WWII? And now Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel wants to reduce the deficit on the backs of our men and women in uniform who have helped America stay strong and kept our country safe.

The bottom line on this is it boils down to politics. The administration dare not take away any of those welfare cards, the ones that for all practical purposes are credit cards whose monthly charges are paid by me and the rest of the taxpayers. The loss of those cards would be a loss of votes, and we can’t have that happen. How about those dollars being used to support political pet projects, or being used to support countries that don’t even like us?

So now we are going to dump tens of thousands of men and women into the job market. Does this make sense to anyone? And what happens when the next crisis arises? Do you think there will be volunteers for the military lining up for a job that may or may not have a future?

I wish I could tell you “wait until the next election,” but we will again wind up with politicians whose purpose is to get elected. And they will get elected because all those people living off taxpayer dollars will certainly vote for them.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

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