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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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County will regret cat decision

The Hillsborough County Commissionís bad decision to trap, neuter and release 2,000 non-native cats back into neighborhoods is fraught with serious financial legal liability for the countyís taxpayers. These released cats will do property damage to peopleís car and truck paint. The cats will fight each other and domestic cats at night and be a nuisance to anyone in hearing distance trying to sleep. These nuisance cats are non-native to Florida and will kill thousands of native species important to the ecosystem. Those in favor of the trap, neuter and release program think only of protecting the overpopulated feral cats, but do not have the same concern for native animals that the cats will kill. If feral cats were released in the neighborhoods of Animal Director Ian Hallett and the commissioners who voted for TNR , it wouldnít take long for them to know the mistake they made.
James Wisner Tampa

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