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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Congress needs to do its job and fund Obamacare

All of Congress, regardless of party, needs to stop the political hardball and get on with the business of government.

Affordable health care should not be a political football. At this point it doesn’t matter how Obamacare was enacted. Love it or hate it, it is the law, and should be implemented as such.

In the current economic environment of unsustainable national debt and another looming debt ceiling crisis, now is not the time for the threat of a government shutdown. Now is the time for all of Congress to do the right thing by providing the funding for Obamacare and avoid a government shutdown. Everyone can agree there are many good things about the act, as well as many bad provisions. It’s unfortunate that most of Congress didn’t do their job when the bill was first introduced. That’s when it should have been studied and debated. Of course, the Republicans were against it, no matter what was in it, while the Democratic majority, for the most part, passed it without even reading it.

It’s kind of late in the game now to make any changes, so the political posturing must stop.

But Obamacare, like any law, is not written in stone. It can, and should, be debated, amended or revised. All the good provisions can be retained, and all of the detrimental garbage can be removed. It is up to Congress to do this. That is their job.

Congress must do its job by funding the law now, and addressing any changes later. Is that so difficult? If so, then we need to make some changes in Congress.

John Swift


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