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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Comparing Apple to oranges — and a big lemon

The partisan Democratic takeover of our nation’s health-care system opened on Oct. 1 with massive “glitches.” After three years of preparation and untold taxpayer money, they were not ready to process the applications for Obamacare. In a news conference, President Obama compared the problems of the rollout to the rollout of the new Apple iPhone. This comparison is inaccurate. It compares “Apples” to oranges, or in this case one big lemon, Obamacare.

Without a contract, the newest 16-gig iPhone costs about $549 — the same cost for everyone. No one knows how much Obamacare will cost. Like the iPhone, it is not free. But the cost will vary for everyone, depending on ... who knows? According to Obama, the monthly cost is supposedly the same as a car payment. We don’t know if that is an economy car or a Mercedes.

The American people have always had a choice in our free-enterprise, capitalist system. That is why our health care was second to none. Like the iPhone, innovation for a better product was the goal of our health-care system. This brought about new medications, better diagnostic tools, life-saving surgical procedures, and competitive health insurance products. Customer satisfaction brings profit, an incentive to innovation. Big government doesn’t operate that way. With OPM, other people’s money, aka: taxes, customer satisfaction is not needed. Since Obamacare has been declared a tax, there is no incentive to be efficient or innovative like Apple.

Susan Anderson


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