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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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‘Coloradofication’ wouldn’t hurt Florida

I saw the quote from Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford about avoiding “the Coloradofication of Florida, where the end game is a pot shop on every street corner.” I lived most of my life in Colorado and still visit family there regularly. Coloradofication, as he calls it, would not hurt Florida.

First, there is not a pot store on every corner. It is highly regulated.

Colorado is filled with highly educated, physically fit and open-minded people who love the environment and fight to protect it at every opportunity.

Denver has a first-class, non-polluting mass transit system, as well as a mile-long downtown mall with electric buses that run every five minutes and are free. This allows people to park their cars and ride at leisure to explore the sites.

None of this speaks to the recreation in the mountains and on the plains.

I have lived in Florida 19 years and love my life here, but would never slam Colorado.

Carol Green


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