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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Cody Simpson’s act of kindness

I’m writing to give kudos to Justin Bieber warm-up act Cody Simpson.

I took my handicapped daughter, Brenda, to the Bieber concert in Tampa, which was her life’s dream and a real sacrifice on my retirement budget. While waiting for Justin to take stage, Cody came down on the floor and started signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. A family member with another handicapped girl in our section went down and asked him to have his picture taken with her handicapped family member. He said, “Sure,” and came up the stairs with leaps and bounds. He found the girl and got his picture taken with her.

He was swamped by fans. I managed to reach over them, touch his shoulder and got his attention. I asked if he would take a picture with my handicapped daughter, and again the answer was, “Sure.” It took him a few minutes to work his way through the mob of fans, taking pictures with them as he made his way to us. He had his picture taken with my daughter, which more than made her night.

Shortly after Justin took stage, Brenda started having seizures, and we had to leave. So this contact Cody made with her was such a blessing. She is still glowing about it. So kudos to Cody, wherever you are today.

The handicapped and disabled miss out on so much in life. This act of kindness on Cody Simpson’s part means so much! Brenda is 26 years old but developmentally is a 9-year-old. She is a very happy, positive girl who has been through so much in her life. On the way home she said, ”Don’t tell family about my seizures — I want everybody to be happy for me!”

Mary Zerbe Ketchum

Plant City

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