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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Black and white during the holidays

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently created a storm — not a snowstorm, though — with her announcement that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white. Makes one wonder just what Irving Berlin might have been thinking when he wrote the classic “White Christmas.” Did he know something that only Megyn Kelly really understands?

I’ve given the matter much thought, including the possibility that Black Friday is really only for those who are non-white, and have arrived at the conclusion that both days are meant to be enjoyed (or not) by all. That’s all North Americans, by the way, although I’m not certain that Black Friday has any positive support in Mexico. I doubt that the rest of the world has graduated to Black Friday celebration and, technically at least, Christmas is limited to countries that are basically of Christian background.

I’m pretty darn certain that Berlin was truly thinking about snow when he wrote “White Christmas.” (At least enough snow for Santa’s sleigh to be able to function on those occasions when it is on land.) As for Black Friday, that’s a toughie. I do know that skin color is not a qualifying factor (this, from personal observation.) I think that it is meant to be a profitable exercise for both buyers and sellers — what a wonderful world that would be!

And let’s not forget “Mother Tribune.” Our favorite newspaper is an avid supporter of both black and white — that’s Friday and Christmas, respectively, not a popular beverage.

Bill Soles


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