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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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An American veteran’s second chance

The story by reporter Mike Salinero, “Veteran turns rough road in life into comedy” (front page Jan. 4) touched an interesting emotional nerve that should resonate and send a strong personal message to all who read it. It was extremely poignant, well written and allowed me and my family to really think about the plight of the homeless, as well as what one individual can do who is caught up in this daunting situation when faced with this seemingly insurmountable challenge in life.

I believe we all use one emotional mechanism or another when faced with life’s ongoing situations. Navy veteran Victor Vega is no exception. He has opted to turn his sorrows and pitfalls into comedy in order to possibly remedy his day-to-day struggles.

Here is a man who spent years dedicating his life to having a great education and successful career. However, and based on the story, he allowed continuing failed relationships to be his upheaval. As with so many other negative forks in the road that can send a person’s life into the abyss — such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. — and in Vega’s case, bad relationships, the potential for life-altering mistakes are sometimes endless and within arm’s reach of that next missing paycheck.

Judging from the positive elements of Vega’s journey through life’s ups and downs, I believe he deserves that one essential thing that we as Americans always seem to believe and hold with fervor — a second chance!

A fitting and final thought is from the English poet and playwright, Christopher Fry: “Comedy is an escape, not from truth but from despair; a narrow escape into faith”

Rita Taylor


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