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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Advice from a ‘contented cable escapee’

Ann McFeatter’s column “Another expansion to worry about” (Other Views, March 21) stated free TV was basically a thing of the past. She made it seem that only with Albert Einstein, channeling the spirit of Philo T. Farnsworth, could one hope to get television over the air and escape the cable and satellite services. Happily, she is just plain wrong.

All of the TV sets sold in recent years have digital tuners and do not require a converter box. Even for older sets, the converter box is a simple replacement for the cable box and is much easier to operate. If you live in a metropolitan area, an indoor antenna can work fine. Out here in the boondocks of Highlands County an outside antenna mounted to the eaves works very well.

I installed just such an antenna in April 2012 and took my cable equipment to the Comcast office and closed my account. I am a middle-aged guy with no special skills, and I easily did the work myself. In five months the savings paid for all my hardware. Since then, I have enjoyed high-definition reception of all the networks from the Tampa stations for free. Most of the stations have multiple streams of programming, giving me even more choices to watch. I read about the latest contract tussles between the stations and the cable providers resulting in channel blackouts to the subscribers, and I care not a whit.

For the cable programs I really desire to see, a little patience and a Netflix account keeps me satisfied for a tiny fraction of the cost of cable. Best of all, I never find myself subjected to Honey Boo Boo, real housewives of anywhere, or the bearded Duck people. I have not missed anything important, and I certainly do not miss the exorbitant monthly bill.

Sign me a contented cable escapee.

Kevin D. Marsh

Avon Park

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