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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Letter of the Day

A plea for sanity

I grew up during WW II. We had a common cause. All religious, political and ethnic differences were overshadowed. Millions of men put their lives on the line. People making more than $1 million a year paid about 90 percent income tax. Everyone sacrificed. We all were in it together for the good of all. Now, the threat to the world is much bigger than Hitler. Our current threat is our continued denial of the effects of our lifestyle on our climate. The hot-button issues of the moment? They won't matter. Same-sex marriage - who cares? Obamacare - what's that? Immigration - why worry? All these issues serve as a smoke screen to hide the truth. They're the Roman Circus of today, just so the big corporations can make ever more money. This is a plea for sanity. It goes beyond politics, beyond religion, beyond ethnicity. It's time for us to unite. We need to say no to the soulless corporations whose only goal is increasing the bottom line. Dare to research the problem. Don't listen to the corporate shills on "conservative" radio. Hold our elected officials accountable. They are our employees, not the corporations'. This plea isn't for me or my generation. It's for our children and grandkids who will reap what we are sowing. That vision is terrifying.
Fern Williams Zephyrhills
Weather Center