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Monday, May 28, 2018
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A player who knows how to win

Will someone please show me why the Bucs shouldn’t pursue Tim Tebow? We suffered five years with Josh Freeman, a quarterback who seemed to have no imagination or ability to improvise in real time. In a conversation about Freeman over the weekend, I compared him with the greats of the game who had one thing in common. Fran Tarkenton, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, even Sonny Jurgensen, had an ability to use their imagination, see the whole field, and successfully go off-script when a play wasn’t working.

I can only conclude media bias has soured any attempt to pursue Tebow. For decades, we’ve watched player after player point to the sky after a score, sometimes kneel, then we often read about their off-the-field misdeeds the next week. Nobody in media had a negative word to say about it. Then, along comes Tebow, whose religion isn’t a menu he picks and chooses from — he actually lives what he believes, and ministers in some of the underbellies of the Earth. Yet he is trashed for “Tebowing” in celebration of a score by the mainstream media. Really?

The major thing I remember about Tebow is he knows how to win and can improvise on the field.

Wayne Hays


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