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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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A game with many nationalities

Regarding the report that Major League Baseball has created a task force to study how to improve diversity in the game, especially among black players: Diversity? Maybe Commissioner Bud Selig doesn’t acknowledge the many Latin players in the game. They love the game and play it with passion. Many of today’s premier baseball players are from Spanish-speaking countries. Maybe Selig also doesn’t see the many Japanese players in the game as well. Jackie Robinson made his debut in the year of my birth. No one under 66 years of age has ever seen a game without black players. Many black players have gone on to be superstars and icons. Obviously, today’s young black athletes would rather play another game. What’s wrong with that? Give Jackie Robinson his due, however. Larry Doby, just a few weeks later, became the first black American League player and seldom, if ever, do we hear his name. And Roberto Clemente opened doors for Latin players but gets very little recognition. Major League Baseball doesn’t need a task force to study diversity. The game already is diverse, with many nationalities.
Frank Ferreri New Port Richey
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