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Sunday, Feb 07, 2016

Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day: Time to get serious about providing mental health services

Before passing a bill for the “open carry” of firearms in Florida, let’s do something to aid the trauma in people’s minds.
Published: 02/07/16

Letter of the Day: Protect fragile Florida from fracking

It’s always “all about the money.” If investors with deep pockets can figure out how to generate more cash flow, they will. People are sometimes limited in their ability to think conscientiously. The outcome of poor decisions to ...
Published: 02/06/16

Letter of the Day: Dear heavens!

Isn’t it bad enough that we are subjected to crass, tasteless television commercials featuring some huckster yelling at us to buy a car? Thank God for the mute button or — better still — the “off” button.
Published: 02/05/16

Letter of the Day: Don’t forget about Gov. Bush’s success

I wish to acknowledge that a while back you did an article on what Gov. Jeb Bush expressed was his platform for his presidential campaign. I was happy that you did it, but disappointed that readers are not interested enough to take time out to read w...
Published: 02/04/16

Letter of the day: Which came first: Obamacare or the disaster?

In my opinion, Bernie Sanders is correct; this country needs universal health insurance. What’s good for the older folks (Medicare) would be superb for all of us. The obvious problem with Sen. Sanders’ position is that too many people h...
Published: 02/03/16

Letter of the day: People died. So let’s promote Florida tourism

Using the natural disaster in Washington, D.C., to promote Florida tourism is an ill-conceived idea. Sending dump trucks to the devastated area for mutual aid should be done because it is the right thing to do, not as a tool to generate revenue for F...
Published: 02/02/16

Letter of the day: VA too massive for simple solutions

VA too massive for simple solutions
Published: 01/31/16

Letter of the day: Why voters are running toward Trump

Why voters are running toward Trump
Published: 01/30/16

Letter of the day: Family key to filling Parkinson’s disease gap

Family key to ‘Parkinson’s gap’
Published: 01/29/16

Letter of the day: Rays have no future on Tropicana site

Regarding “St. Pete Eager to Craft Plan for Keeping Rays” (front page, Jan. 23): The article captured the next “fool me once...” scenario by St. Petersburg city officials regarding a new home for our Tampa Bay Rays. After ...
Published: 01/28/16