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Thursday, Oct 08, 2015

Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day: ‘Walk in my shoes for just one day’

As a former teacher/professor for many years, a person with a concealed carry permit and, most of all, a teacher who once stood before a disturbed student with a loaded gun, I have something to say to those people promoting the right to carry guns on...
Published: 10/08/15

Letter of the day: Fed up with the Federal Reserve

Are there any retirees out there, like myself, who are fed up with the Federal Reserve and the foolish policy to keep interest rates so low? We were told to be patient while unemployment recovered. It has improved greatly, but along the way the Fed h...
Published: 10/07/15

Letter of the day: Require CPR training in schools

I was pleased to see the recent article about the Hillsborough County School Board taking the time to learn the lifesaving skill of CPR.
Published: 10/06/15

Letter of the Day: Keeping TB in the public eye

I am proud of our local representatives to Congress: Gus Bilirakis, Kathy Castor, David Jolly and Dennis Ross. They are all members of the House TB Elimination Caucus.
Published: 10/05/15

Letter of the Day: What drives Uber drivers and sole proprietors

In response to “Crunching the painful Uber numbers” (Other Views, Sept. 29): Scott Myers misses the whole point of being an Uber driver and sole proprietor.
Published: 10/04/15

Letter of the Day: Man-made disaster in south Hillsborough

The failure to plan and greedy overdevelopment add up to death, danger and distress for Summerfield and Apollo Beach residents.
Published: 10/03/15

Letter of the Day: Stuck in Tampa

Although this seems like a trivial complaint in the global picture, I am finding it increasingly difficult to get out of downtown Tampa.
Published: 10/02/15

Letter of the Day: Time for adjuncts to start a movement

We are many things. We are well educated — masters and doctoral degrees abound.
Published: 10/01/15

Letter of the Day: ‘How the tea party is destroying America’

I read with a sinking heart the recent front-page story in the Tribune about the battle over Go Hillsborough. Having lived through the Greenlight Pinellas war, I see another tea party activist using the same tactics to denigrate a thoroughly reasonab...
Published: 09/30/15

Letter of the day: Pope Francis has plenty of work to do

Regarding “The pope’s appeal to Congress” (Our Views, Sept. 25): You miss the points as to why conservatives are often so critical of Pope Francis. Although the tone of his speech was obviously as loving as would be expected from...
Published: 09/29/15