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Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day: Go Hillsborough County commissioners — and don’t come back

The Hillsborough County Commission voted last week 4-3 not to give you a voice.
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: A waste of time, money and effort

I am sitting here in disbelief after reality set in. In the end, it came down to four Hillsborough County commissioners voting against having the thousands of registered voters in our county of 1 million-plus people vote for or against the Go Hillsbo...
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: Battling the autism beast

April has been Autism Awareness Month, but rest assured that when you are the person affected by autism, or you love and care for a person with autism, every hour of every day is consumed with a different style of living.
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: What happened?

How in the world did our presidential election come down to a choice among a socialist Democrat, an untrustworthy Democrat of questionable character, an irrational, flamboyant and prejudiced businessman, an ultra-conservative with a thin resume, and ...
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Letters to the editor: TIA computer breach

TIA computer breach
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: Ensuring that all students learn in a safe and secure campus environment at PHSC

Regarding “Homeless vet booted from campus is student” (Metro, April 23):
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Overzealous ticketing in gated communities

In order to curb speeding in gated communities, more and more homeowner’s associations are allowing boards to hire off-duty sheriffs or state officers to ticket offenders. These board members sign a contract that is legal and binding to allow ...
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Letter to the editor: Our roads are a disaster

County commissioners and voters in Hillsborough County, please wake up! Our county, state and interstate roads are in total disarray. Have you driven on any road that is not full of potholes? Have you ever seen our roads in such bad shape?
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: Free enterprise is Cubans’ way out

In light of President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, I wanted to weigh in with some of my own impressions of this island country. I visited Cuba earlier this month with a group from the University of Tampa, through its Global Access Partnersh...
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: Maybe this is why nobody is talking about monorail

The April 18 Letter of the Day by Max Staszak raised the question: “Why isn’t anyone talking about monorail?” This also is in response to “Only one answer to Florida’s transportation woes: rail” by Alex Sanch...
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