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Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

Yes on Amendment 6

Federal law prohibits the use of federal tax dollars for abortion, an acknowledgment that millions of Americans find the deadly practice immoral. Amendment 6 would similarly ensure that no Florida tax dollars were used for abortion. Opponents claim that the amendment would undercut a woman's right to choose, but the measure does not prohibit abortions. It simply protects taxpayers from being forced to contribute to what many see as a sinful act. The amendment does not apply to abortions conducted in cases of rape or incest or when the mother's welfare is at stake.
The proposal also contains a provision that would prevent the Florida Constitution from being interpreted to "create broader rights to an abortion than those contained" in the U.S. Constitution. This part is aimed at a 1989 Florida Supreme Court ruling that overruled legislation requiring parental consent when a minor obtains an abortion. The court found the state constitution's right of privacy entitles a child to have an abortion without her parents' consent. Amendment 6 would limit that interpretation, allowing lawmakers, if they chose, to adopt a parental consent law. This is hardly an unreasonable restriction since parental permission is required to give minors medicine at school or have their bodies pierced. We don't doubt that some backers of Amendment 6 want abortion banned. But nothing in it would prevent a woman from having an abortion, just not on the public's dime. It says much about the pro-abortion crowd that such modest restraints on a practice that ends a life are being depicted as a furious assault on a woman's right to choose. On Amendment 6, The Tampa Tribune recommends a yes vote.
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