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Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017
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Straight-talking Storms

Lawmakers throughout the legislative session exhibited an astounding disregard for the truth. They blamed, for instance, the economic downtown on growth controls that had not stopped an orgy of development that has left the state with hundreds of thousands of empty homes and foreclosures, and depressed property values for everyone. Yet there were occasional moments of raw candor. The most honest statement we heard during the session came from Sen. Ronda Storms of Brandon, who while arguing in favor of the ultrasound anti-abortion legislation that passed both chambers, acknowledged the issue is averse to the "less government" mantra usually espoused by Republicans. "There's no question about the contradictory positions that we all take," she said on the Senate floor last week. "I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not embarrassed by it. … We all (Republicans) say we're for less government except here. Or we're (Democrats) for more government, except here."
In contrast to the self-serving justifications one frequently hears from legislators, Storms had the courage to concede the contradictions and admit her pro-life beliefs transcended her usual emphasis on less government. Even those who don't agree with her stance should respect her sincerity. The Legislature would be more effective if more lawmakers recognized, as Storms does, ideology cannot neatly determine every decision.
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