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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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David Jolly best choice for Pinellas’ U.S. House Dist.13

Voters have a clear choice when they head to the polls Tuesday to fill the U.S. House District 13 seat once held by the late C.W. “Bill” Young.

The Republican candidate, David Jolly, offers a conservative agenda that can build on Young’s legacy while ensuring the House continues to act as a check on the Democratic-controlled White House and Senate.

Jolly wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with market-driven solutions that provide protections for pre-existing conditions, closes the prescription drug doughnut hole and allows young adults to stay on their parents’ plans.

“We can do all of these things by eliminating regulations, not increasing them,” he says, “and without imposing an individual mandate on every American.”

He supports efforts to fix the flawed flood insurance program and, despite what the deceptive TV ads say, he did not lobby to privatize Social Security and vows to protect the guarantees under that program for long-time recipients.

He is a Pinellas native, and his work as an aide and general counsel to Young provide an insight into the job that will enable him to hit the ground running. That will benefit the entire Tampa Bay area as Congress considers the drastic cuts to military spending.

Alex Sink, the Democratic candidate, is a thoughtful candidate with a successful business background who served the state admirably as chief financial officer. She says she would work to fix Obamacare and promises to be a consensus builder. Although she is moderate politically, she would have little choice but to go along with the progressive Democratic leadership of Nancy Pelosi that wants to expand government and throw money at the nation’s problems. And Sink only recently moved into the Pinellas County district she wants to represent and is renting a residence until the voters decide her political fortunes.

We think David Jolly is a better representative of the district, is better positioned to build upon Young’s legacy and will support policies that limit spending in Washington.

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