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Monday, Nov 30, 2015


Editorial: When free-market principles collide with the health-care industry

Loosening the state’s health-care laws to promote competition has an understandable appeal to supporters of a free-market economy.
Published: 11/19/15

Editorial: Be cautious but help refugees

We don’t blame Florida Gov. Rick Scott and other governors around the country for being concerned about the federal plan to relocate Syrian refugees to their states.
Published: 11/18/15

Editorial: Tampa lawmakers seek help for families of Dozier abuse victims

Two Tampa lawmakers have filed bills in advance of the January legislative session related to the horrific abuses that occurred at the state-run Dozier School for Boys in the Panhandle.
Published: 11/17/15

Editorial: Why security matters

The massacre in Paris on Friday is yet another example of the barbarism and ingenuity of our terrorist enemies.
Published: 11/16/15

Editorial: An innovative approach to funding

A new funding model could turn the common complaint that government doesn’t operate like a business on its head and improve efficiency and cut costs in the process.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Don’t sacrifice order in the classroom to solve suspension problem

Hillsborough School Board members should listen closely to the concerns being raised by teachers about the district’s new discipline policies.
Updated one month ago

Wildlife corridor film breathtakingly illustrates need to save Florida’s remaining treasures

It is unfortunate that leaders of the Florida Legislature weren’t among the sold-out crowd at The Tampa Theatre on Thursday night to see the debut of the documentary “The Forgotten Coast: Return to Wild Florida.”
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Keystone’s easy symbolism

President Obama did little to combat climate change by killing the Keystone XL pipeline the other day.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Don’t politicize process for deciding state Supreme Court and appellate judges

Give meddling state lawmakers points for persistence, if nothing else.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Independent commission only cure for redistricting insanity

The only good news to come from another failed attempt by state legislators to draw the boundaries for Florida’s political districts is that some influential lawmakers are willing to explore the creation of an independent commission to draw th...
Updated one month ago