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Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018
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Where’s the Nobel Peace Prize for this one?

The president calmly and repeatedly stated his decision to plan a contingent attack on Syria, based on sound and thorough research and consultation with friends and foes alike. He quietly seized on an opportunity to enlist our sometimes ally Russian President Vladimir Putin to support our effort to remove the deadly chemical agents from Syria, without risk of combat.

The president stood back while Putin claimed credit for averting a major incident. It has been said that numerous negotiations were back channeling among many of our allies and the Syrian government to help make the Putin initiative successful.

Now with the start of a new month, we find the Obama critics eerily silent on what appears to be success without firing a single bullet.

The Republican hawks, having engaged America in not one, but two, bloody and costly wars spanning almost 10 years, with marginal success, are noticeably missing in praising the president’s deft maneuvering.

Although war declarations are clearly nonpartisan, it is interesting to note that the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, like Obama, was successful in securing our military objectives in Bosnia, without sending American military into harm’s way. Clinton was probably the first commander in chief to rely on U. S. technology (drones and aircraft) in lieu of risking U.S. military troops.

So the question for our good friends, the Obama critics on his apparently brilliant Syria strategy: Where’s the Nobel Peace Prize on this one?

Robert W. McKnight is a former Florida state senator and representative. The author of two books on Florida politics, he is a political commentator. His blog/Web page is www.flpoliticalcommentary.com.

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Where’s the Nobel Peace Prize for this one?