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Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
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Veterans deserve our thanks

I lost my dad this year, and the country lost another member of the Greatest Generation. Their numbers are shrinking fast, and all those memories are going with them.

They were away from home for years during World War II and came back with lots of stories and some sights they could never talk about. These men were leaders in their communities and loving leaders at home, raising children and mostly being the sole supporter of their family with many children.

My dad found it hard to say “I love you” to any family member — that is, until mom preceded him in death by two years. Then he couldn’t say those words enough to us. He realized what a love he had lost and didn’t let the chance pass to express his feelings.

He got to the point where he couldn’t drive, and that really hurt his pride. He was now the one who we took care of after his many, many years of taking care of us.

He refused to say “goodbye;” he always said “so long, see you later.” He said “goodbye” was for dead people, and that wasn’t him.

Well, he’s gone now, and I miss him so much.

We should say “thanks” to these veterans while they are still with us. Some day we won’t have the chance — they will be gone. So long, dad. Rest in peace.

Diana T. Scott


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