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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Defeating terrorism through resiliency

Itís important that those runners who couldnít finish the Boston Marathon on Monday ó when two bombs went off, killing three and injuring more than 140 ó be allowed to finish. Itís important for the marathon to open registration right away for next yearís race. Itís important for those businesses shut by this attack to reopen as soon as possible. And itís important for people to patronize those businesses. We can mitigate the impact of terrorism, but, at a certain point, the money we spend, the rights we curtail and the freedom of movement we limit will provide no returns. There is no satisfactory solution to the problem of mass anonymous violence. As a result, resilience becomes the paramount response. Keeping your wits about you as individuals, as a government and as a culture is what counts. Next yearís Boston Marathon can be a triumph. But as the people of Jerusalem (and New York and London and many other cities) have learned, merely carrying out daily responsibilities, and refusing to yield to panic, becomes a triumph all its own.
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