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Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Pat Buchanan: If God is dead ...

In a recent column, Dennis Prager made an acute observation.
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Why influence isn’t corruption

Despite Bernie Sanders’ repeated accusations, there’s no real evidence that Hillary Clinton has been corrupted by large campaign contributions. But that’s not to say donors haven’t influenced her thinking and priorities. L...
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The grizzly bear’s return

One of the sad consequences of the westward settlement of the United States was the near eradication of the grizzly bear. Once an iconic symbol of the American wild, the hulking brown bears were hunted, trapped and deemed fearsome, dangerous predator...
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Mike Kersmarki: Republicans would be wise to brush up on their history

This is a quick story about a very wealthy man from New York who used his status as a national celebrity to free himself from ordinary political constraints.
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How does the government waste money? Let us count the ways

News flash: Government is inefficient.
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NFL Draft is proof sports isn’t answer for African-American communities

This week, Chicago will host the National Football League Draft. The event has grown so much in popularity that it is now a three-day, made-for-TV extravaganza. And the stars of the draft are predominantly African-American, given that African-America...
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Speaker Ryan in tight political box

Since his swearing-in as House speaker, Paul Ryan has maintained his sunny, gung-ho disposition, hobnobbing with his party’s guerrillas while gently trying to lure them back to the comforts of civilization.
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Libya becomes even more chaotic

Libya, population 6.2 million, now has three governments; President Barack Obama has admitted that not foreseeing the aftermath of U.S. military intervention there in 2011 was his “worst mistake.”
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A healthy agreement

No argument against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement packs more emotional punch than the claim that the deal would be bad for people’s health — and even result in avoidable deaths — both in the United States...
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Ben Ritter: Resolving the illegal use of accessible parking spaces

Over the past several weeks I have spoken with many of my Hillsborough County neighbors and friends who have observed people illegally parking in accessible parking spaces and in adjacent access aisles and illegally using a relative’s parking ...
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