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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Jackson: Look who’s mostly wrong once again

Reader response to recent columns prompts us to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln: You can’t please all the people all the time. Sigh.
Mr. Jackson,
Interesting, informative article (“County GOP christens its new digs,” March 20) on the new Republican office (and the six telephones). But so many people see Bill Bunting primarily as an advocate for the proliferation of firearms. So it’s reasonable to ask if the new office with its new telephones is enough.
Tom Burke, Clearwater
I detect a reference to extended-capacity ammunition magazines. Well played.
Good luck with the idea that somehow the country will come around to Republican ideas and solutions. Heck, with leaders like Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz, it’s only a matter of time before the party is totally marginalized.
But then you don’t believe that because you’re probably one of those Pasco tea party acolytes (who are) true blue believer(s) and don’t let facts get in the way of the desired opinion.
Jim Conefry, Tampa
We all are susceptible to confirmation bias, I suspect.
Enjoyed your article (“Shooting off our mouths about guns,” March 17) as usual. Just a couple of comments. First, I do not think there was any cherry-picking going on relative to background checks. … Second, Senior Assistant County Attorney Kristi Simms told commissioners they had the Florida constitutional power to require background checks at gun shows. She told them she could write the law to avoid legal entanglements....
There is overwhelming support for requiring background checks for the purchase of firearms. A background check requires little time, effort or money. Having background checks has not reduced the exercise of Second Amendment rights; firearm sales are at record numbers. Doing background checks saves lives, reduces crime and reduces the risk of gun violence. Closing the gun-show loophole is first and foremost a public safety issue.
My worst fear is a tragedy like Newtown could happen here.… God forbid a deranged person, who could get an assault rifle at a Pasco County gun show without a background check, would bring to us the agony experienced in Newtown. If there exists even the remotest possibility such a tragedy could occur in Pasco, it is prudent to require background checks for the purchase of firearms at gun shows.
Lynn Lindeman, Pasco Democratic Party chairman, Hudson
Agreed: Pasco has the constitutional authority to enact a background check ordinance. Commissioners should have held their public hearing as scheduled.
Forty-eight gun control bills introduced for 2013 in the Florida Legislature, which I think is a record. Thirty-eight opposed by the Florida NRA headed by Marion Hammer, who usually opposes anything that in any way restricts ammunition or the use of firearms.
What caused this avalanche of gun control bills? Sandy Hook, our President’s gun-control agenda, and the increase in Democratic seats in the Florida legislature, (all of) which has the NRA shaking in its boots.
A Democratic majority is now in reach in Florida, especially if the NRA continues the ham-handed approach of its president, Wayne LaPierre, who continues to ignore public alarm that our domestic arsenal is out of control and getting more dangerous each year.
Arthur C. Hayhoe, Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Wesley Chapel
Florida’s legislative majority flipping over gun control? What about gerrymandering?
My neighbors and I greatly disagree with your article (“Kinnan is south and Mansfield is north,” March 1) in support of connecting Kinnan and Mansfield (roads). The connection should be made to Meadow Point Boulevard.
There are a middle school, high school, and a daycare center on Mansfield in close proximity and there is already congestion. If you add in the new Pasco-Hernando Community College on Mansfield you can see we don’t need any additional traffic from Hillsborough County.
In addition, Mansfield is two lanes in some areas and can’t be expanded.
In fine carpetbagger tradition you stated having feet in Hillsborough and Pasco. The way I see it, your feet are in Hillsborough and another part of your anatomy is in Pasco.  Please remove it.
Bob Adams, Wesley Chapel
If I do what I think Mr. Adams means, I’m going to have trouble reaching my keyboard. … Wonder how many readers that would please.

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