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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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How do we access our health insurance application to fix a costly mistake?

Q: I am 69 and on Medicare, but my wife is 59 and on a COBRA policy through May 2014. We were able to sign her up on the healthcare.gov website after many frustrating days, but had a problem emerge.

My wife suffers from chronic pain and is unable to work, but she does not qualify for Social Security disability. On the application, we mistakenly said these conditions made her Medicaid eligible. And that disqualified her for any subsidies she could get on her insurance.

There is no way, with my retirement income, that she will qualify for Medicaid.

We have attempted to log onto healthcare.gov to fix this but have had no success. — Darrell from St. Petersburg

Answer: Your problem is magnified by the massive technical glitches happening with the online marketplace. The website’s issues are likely behind your inability to fix your mistake and help your wife get health insurance.

It could be weeks before the website is running smoothly and it’s not clear your problem can be fixed by a few clicks of the mouse. You need to go old school and call the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596. The good news is that it’s open 24/7. But you’ll also likely have to wait for assistance.

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