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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Jackson: Mail call! Readers let fly on recycling, flight attendants, immigration, more

Our cyber mailbox overflows. Time to boldly air reader-correspondents' (often contrary) opinions. Re: Tax hike vote previews budget drama ahead (July 24) The one obvious question that wasn't asked of the union hack was: How much are the union dues and if you quit paying them, would that be a net raise? This would obviate a need for the tax hike and free these people from the union yoke. - Jim Brown, Dade City
Re: When good electronics go bad (July 28) Recycling is a great idea. We all here at BIKERSCAP truly believe in it, and appreciate the article providing information for people to recycle their out-of-date, damaged, or just plain junk electronics. I would like to also make residents aware of recycling for the good of the community. . Many . electronics can be refurbished and donated to organizations such as BIKERSCAP to assist our community with a computer system for our next generation with a tool we see as necessary to get at minimum a high school education, a computer. As this is being typed as I view a stack of PCs from your article. Quicksilver Recycling Services is a for-profit organization, so (it is) doubtful (there are) any donations from them. It almost seemed like a two-page advertisement. The citizens of our community need to know the other options. - Greg Reaster, Wesley Chapel v vWhen I took my old TV to the Hays Road refuse center I was charged $5 to leave (it). Your article did not mention a charge. Is there no longer a charge for (recycling) electronic equipment? - Phil Capone, Hudson Failure to mention the charges for leaving electronics with the county was a regrettable oversight. Fees the county describes as "nominal" remain. - TJ You could have mentioned east Pasco's waste-transfer station, which takes old electronics, too, and though I haven't looked at it on GPS, is very drive-by-able. - Charles Fisher, Meadow Pointe Re: Airline gives lesson in bad relations (July 21) Is it possible you might have been a wee bit critical of the flight attendant (who told you to thank the pilot who moved to a jump seat) and what she said and the manner she said it? Looking at it from another angle, is it possible she wanted the passenger to know what the pilot did for her benefit, and thought it would be nice to let a passenger know that the airline's personnel would do all they could to keep their customers satisfied? - John Fleming, Zephyrhills I am a retired Delta fight attendant formerly based in Tampa, so was absolutely mortified to read about your experience on a Delta flight. . First of all, that was not the pilot's seat to "give up." . He could only take an empty seat if no paying passenger was occupying it, and every crew member knows this. It is also very common, when jump-seating, to be settled comfortably in a seat, thinking how lucky you are ... when a paying passenger does come along to claim it. I hope you send this column to (CEO) Richard Anderson. He needs to know how our high-valued customers are being treated. - Kathleen Powers, Land O' Lakes I don't agree with you on a lot of your columns, but this one I definitely did. Question, though I think I know the answer: Did you get up and thank the pilot for giving up his seat? I'm thinkin' no. - Carole Murphy, New Port Richey Very astute, Ms. Murphy. I wasn't sure if I got up I'd have a seat to return to. ­ - TJ (Recently) while flying from London to New York on the incredibly uncomfortable 767, we were surprised that our economy cabin was less than half full. We moved three rows ahead at the front of our economy cabin only to be coldly told that we may not move forward, as those seats were more expensive. . We continued to see people move to empty rows ... and my husband moved to the row adjacent to our seats (and fell asleep, but) the purser attendant came and told him . to move. In all our years of flying . we have never seen cabin attendants so rudely deny passengers a small bit of comfort that was otherwise unclaimed. We . will be sharing our experience with Delta's CEO. - Karyn Moses, Zephyrhills Re: Limited only by her status (May 31) I think the "Cinderella stories" of illegal immigrants and their offspring have been exposed ad nauseam. ... I must agree these stories, from a purely human perspective, are heart-warming (but) when dissected and analyzed, (they) are meant to persuade the American citizen to forgo the rule of law. I am a great guy and I work extremely hard but I don't have a car. Why don't you leave the keys to your vehicle in the ignition switch so I can take your car? Even better, why don't you leave your home's front door open so I can move in? You apparently wouldn't mind. - Vic Lucca, Wesley Chapel There you have it. Want in next time around? Contact info is below. - TJ [email protected] (813) 371-1851 Facebook.com/TomJacksonTribune Twitter: @tjacksonTBO
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