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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Illegal immigration is math that doesn’t add up for U.S.

There is a cartoon floating around the Internet in which a young boy looks up at his father and asks, “What’s math, dad?”

To which the father replies, “I don’t know son. We’re Democrats.”

Most comedians will tell you that observational humor only works when there is some truth associated with the joke.

Alarmingly for the country, be it people illegally streaming across our border with Mexico, the unsustainable public-employee pension and health-care plans, or simply adding and subtracting the temperature of the planet over the last two decades, the basic math employed by many Democrats, and especially the one in the Oval Office, does not add up.

What drives much of this numerical insanity is the common denominator which guides many politicians from both sides of the aisle. That being their self-centered need to put their re-election and the interests of their political party before the welfare of their constituents.

That acknowledged, many Democrats have dialed up the irresponsible behavior exponentially and put basic math and common sense aside in a suicidal quest to pander for the Hispanic-American and public-employee vote, reward often suspect unions, or bankrupt the country in service to the theology of “global warming.”

With regard to the latest illegal immigration influx, Barack Obama – our commander-in-chief in charge of securing our borders – appeared at a town hall meeting sponsored by Univision, Telemundo and La Opinion-impreMedia in March and proudly proclaimed himself to be the “champion-in-chief of comprehensive immigration reform.” Is anyone honestly shocked to learn that those now illegally crossing our border or sending their children? They figured out that “comprehensive immigration reform” is just Obama-code for amnesty.

Unfortunately for our overwhelmed border patrol and the citizens of our southwestern states, Mr. Obama is much better at cheerleading for amnesty than he is at actually counting those now crossing the welcome mat he put out.

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As we witness the illegal invasion across our southern border, those who enabled it — the Democrats leading the charge with the establishment GOP and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce right behind — have an obligation to the voters to answer a few questions. Those being; do you believe we should be a sovereign nation with defined and protected borders? Does the rule of law actually matter to you? And in that basic-math department, do you understand that illegal immigration is overwhelming our hospitals, schools, law enforcement officials, sanitation departments and basic infrastructure while freezing out Americans in search of work as certain employers promote and exploit this cheap labor?

While the pandering-for-votes strategy may be the accepted math, it’s highly flawed. And as the richly deserved Eric Cantor loss in Virginia showed, it may be backfiring.

As one who has been lucky enough to travel to a number of Latin American nations and converse regularly with Hispanic-American leaders in the United States, I would submit that a far better math for politicians to consider is the one which takes into account the number of legal Hispanic-Americans who proudly stood in line and did all our nation asked of them to become citizens. Many of these Hispanic-Americans strongly oppose illegal immigration as it represents a slap in the face to their efforts and their honor. Combine those voters with say, the legal immigrants from Russia, India, China, South Korea and the Philippines who also feel slighted by this accepted math, and you have a powerful voting bloc.

Dangerously but quite predictably, many of the places these illegal immigrants are flooding to are the cities, counties and states whose financial solvency has already been devastated by the unsustainable public-employee pensions and health-care benefits put in place after one-sided negotiations between powerful unions and primarily Democrat politicians.

Be it California, Illinois, New York or Maryland, the situation is going from bad to complete collapse. In Florida, the unfunded liability of the public-employee pension fund costs about $500 million every year. Even a first-grader taking “common core” math can do the needed subtraction and tell you that money is being taken from the state’s infrastructure, health-care system and education to make up for the shortfall.

Be it the care, feeding, and education of millions of people who illegally crossed our borders, the funding of completely unsustainable public-employee pensions at the expense of the taxpayers, or spending hundreds of billions to “green” our nation, somebody has to pay.

As the hardworking middle-class of our country gets hit once again to fund destructive social engineering and the rewarding of special interests, maybe someone pushing these agendas can take a moment to count how much money we actually have on hand compared with how much is going out the door.

It is basic math and it’s called fiscal and national survival.

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