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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Help your feet beat the heat

When the weather heats up, feet come out - in sandals, open-toed shoes and flip-flops. They're also more likely to sweat, swell and, sometimes, smell. So choosing the right footwear is important. Plastic-lined styles and too-tight shoes that trap moisture are the worst culprits, says Andrea Woroch, public relations specialist for the shopping website www.myshoes.com. "Wearing the wrong shoes in the summer can be torture on your feet," Woroch says. "You want to wear looser items on your body in the summer; that includes your feet, because they tend to swell.
"Leather is the best option, because it breathes and allows sweat to evaporate from your feet." Here are some more tips from myshoes.com to help your tootsies stay cool (and look hot) this summer:
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