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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Watch Out For Bad Fashion Elves Hiding In Your Closet

The holidays are a time of good cheer ... but with the good, you can always find some bad. And that includes bad holiday fashion. Jingle bell earrings. Snowflake sweaters. Reindeer ties. We've all seen - and perhaps worn - our share of festive fashion don'ts. Whether you're off to the holiday office party, getting together at Grandma's or just dressing for the season, try (try very hard) not to overdo it in the fashion department. Trust me, people will talk about you if you slip up -- and that includes your family members. Especially your family members. (Mine still bring up the blinking Rudolph brooch I wore to Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago.) This year, why not swap the dippy duds for some classic - and classy -- holiday style?
Here are a few suggestions: THE HOLIDAY SWEATER It is, perhaps, the deadliest of holiday sins. Sure you love the holidays, but yelling it to the world with a red and green Santa sweater or a puff-painted snowman sweatshirt isn't the answer. Hang these items with care ... in the closet. Instead, slip on a cashmere sweater in a holiday hue like red or green (although not together). THE CHRISTMAS BROOCH A tacky pin can ruin a perfectly good outfit - particularly if the bauble blinks. Tell that old pin to stick it and get yourself a sparkling brooch you can wear year-round. When the holidays are over, clip it to a hat, scarf or wear it in your hair. THE SANTA HAT This one is tempting. So cute! So fuzzy! But these hats should only be allowed on Santa and those who are being paid to look like Santa. That's it. Hats are hot, and there are plenty of adorable and functional styles - sans the white fur trim - that will take you from a family gathering to a performance of "The Nutcracker" (and won't block anyone's view behind you). THE HOLIDAY TIE When you wear a tie, you say to the world: "I've dressed for the occasion." When you wear a holiday tie, the world hears: "I'm really hard to buy gifts for." A tie in green or red is just as festive and will get you noticed for all the right reasons. JINGLE BELL JEWELRY Save the ornaments for the tree, sweetie. These earrings are only a good idea when they're on a 6-year-old. No one wants to hear you jingle before you walk into a room, or every time you move for that matter. How about a pair of stunning diamond studs instead? They'll raise your bling factor without all the noise. And stones like moissanite and cubic zirconia look just like the real thing.

Cloe Cabrera, who still keeps the Rudolph brooch in her jewelry box, can be reached at (813) 259-7656. Be sure to step to the blog at TBO.com Keyword Hot Pursuits.

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