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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Wade Whimsies Still Plentiful

I recently bought a figurine at a flea market. It is 4 inches tall and mostly has a brown glaze, similar to Bennington pottery. It is impressed "Little Red Riding Hood." I would like to know the age, origin and value. B.A. It is a Wade Whimsy. Those little figurines were first made in the 1950s, but most, like this one, were produced in the mid-1960s as premiums for Red Rose Tea, a Canadian company that sells tea in Canada and the United States. The figurines included animals, people and themed sets. Wade pottery, established in 1810 in Burslem, England, at first made commercial products. The company bought many potteries over the years and expanded. Sir George Wade is credited with creating Wade Whimsies.
This example would retail for around $20, although you often can find them for much less. Wade is still in business and Red Rose Tea sells Wade Whimsies on the Internet. Go to redrosetea. com for information. I bought my Kodak Instant ColorBurst 50 camera, similar to Polaroid cameras, after they were introduced in 1979. Kodak offered money to return them after it was sued by Polaroid. I kept mine. What is it worth? D.B. Powhatan, Va. The story about this camera really is more about Polaroid than Kodak. Edwin Land was the genius who invented instant photography. After he formed Polaroid Corp., the first cameras were sold to the public about 1948. Photography giant Kodak decided it was missing out and introduced its instant-print camera in 1979. A lengthy lawsuit ensued. The courts decided in favor of Polaroid, and Kodak was forced to offer compensation. Those cameras are oddities. Some camera collectors like to have one on the shelf, but they are not willing to pay much because film cartridges are not available and the cameras cannot be used. It would retail for $10 or less.

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