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Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
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Planter's Almanac: August Planting Guide


Add organic matter to garden soil.

Solarize garden soil for fall vegetable gardens.

Plant vegetable seeds.

Remove old flower heads to encourage blooming.

Spray roses for black spot disease.

Fertilize outdoor potted plants.

Fertilize muscadine grapes after harvest.

Watch for signs of turf insects, and treat if necessary.

Groom roses to enhance fall bloom.

Lightly prune poinsettias for the last time this year.

Plant, transplant and treat palms.


Outstanding flowering plants: allamanda, bird of paradise, crape myrtle, hibiscus, ixora, oleander, plumbago, thryallis

Annuals: coleus, impatiens, kalanchoe, marigold, melampodium, ornamental pepper, portulaca, salvia, torenia, vinca, wax begonia, zinnia

Perennials: African iris, salvia, butterfly weed, chrysanthemum, false dragon head, four o'clock, gaillardia, gloriosa daisy, jacobinia, liatris, ruellia, verbena

Vegetables: beans (pole), broccoli, celery, collards, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, onions (green and bulbing), pepper, pumpkin, Southern peas, summer squash, tomatoes, turnips, watermelon

Herbs and spices (from plants): basil, ginger, marjoram, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme

Bulbs: Aztec lily, butterfly lily, clivia, crinum, gladiolus, iris, moraea, society garlic, spider lily, walking iris

Information provided by Hillsborough County Extension

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