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Monday, Oct 23, 2017
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What's new in beauty products

Dermaquest Self Tanner body cream Available at several local salons: go to www.dermaquestinc .com for locations; $42 for 6 ounces The pitch: "Provides the skin with a temporary and healthy tan that complements your natural skin tone. Due to this formula's gradual and even tanning process, it reduces undesired streaks." The skinny: Pale skin cries out for help once we shift into shorts and sundress season. But most self-tanners give my skin an unnatural hue, or they don't darken fast enough. Dermaquest's skin therapy came closer than others, but I still ran into the typical "tan in a can" obstacles.
The cream smells good, and it moisturizes nicely - something foam just doesn't do. The cream also makes you feel more confident that you're applying an even coat. My hands didn't get discolored, though the instructions urge hand-washing immediately after applying. The tan doesn't appear immediately, but the fair-skinned will notice changes within a few hours. After two days of applying the cream, my legs were noticeably darker, with only the slightest orange tint. Repeated applications may have played a part in the one streak that appeared. Also, when I applied the tanner to my feet, they looked kind of leathery and splotchy. The tanner lasted through several showers, which is great. Using a scrubby in the shower helped blend in the streaks. Mary Shedden
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