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Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017
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'My creative juices are flowing when I'm in my yard'

Q: How long have you been gardening? A: I have always loved flowers and digging in the dirt. However, the last 18 years, which included some retirement years, have really brought me the joys, trials and successes of gardening. Q: Who or what have you learned the most from as a gardener? A: My creative juices are flowing when I am in my yard. I have found that if one plant does not do well in its location, another will. All my successes are from trial and error. The time spent with a friend admiring her garden, or her mine, and the plant shows we attend are a big plus.
Q: What are your   go-to plants? A: I love the breezy look of the African iris. Thanks to GreenFest, I have discovered the Brazilian and the New Orleans iris. I seem to always have room for one more crape myrtle. The annuals, for color, always call to me to take them home. Q: What was your biggest gardening mistake? A: Mexican petunias! They are too invasive. I regret planting them years ago. The volunteers are still marching in my backyard. Q: What are some challenges you face in your garden? A: I planted a bed of orange impatiens and caladiums. Then the snails invaded. Now my lovely caladiums stand alone. Q: What is your best piece of advice for fellow gardeners? A: If a plant does not work out, try another. Share with your friends. Enjoy watching your garden develop. Add some art pieces and watch what happens!

Have you ever been so proud of your garden that you wished you had some way to show it off? We're looking for readers' photos and growing tips for our "How Does Your Garden Grow?" feature in Baylife. It doesn't matter if you have a small container garden or a long-established landscape; we want to hear about it. Just answer the questions above, and email them along with a couple of jpgs of your garden to Baylife@tampatrib.com. Or mail your answers and photos to Baylife, The Tampa Tribune, 200 S. Parker St., Tampa, FL 33606. Please include a phone number and/or email (not for publication).
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