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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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How Does Your Garden Grow: ‘I amaze myself at what I can accomplish’


Q: Describe your garden.

Answer: I have plants in pots and in the ground on a narrow strip on the west side and in the front yard (north side) of a small lot in Plant City.

Q: How long have you been gardening?

Answer: For a few years, since having a bad car wreck. During my recovery, while I sat on the porch and looked at my surroundings, I decided to plant some impatiens in an unused birdbath. Later, I began to walk around my yard and try some more flowers. Now, I amaze myself at what I can accomplish with the help of my wonderful husband, who faithfully waters the garden and moves pots upon request.

Q: From whom (or what) have you learned the most as a gardener?

Answer: Much inspiration and information has come from the folks at Kerby’s Nursery in Seffner, and from the Internet, especially the University of Florida’s botanical site. I also enjoy reading newspaper gardening columns.

Q: What are your go-to plants?

Answer: I like pentas because they grow so easily. I love the color yellow, so there’s a lot of yellow in my garden, especially thryallis bushes. I like cat’s whisker plants and enjoy adding cat statuary for decoration.

Q: What was your biggest gardening mistake?

Answer: We planted cassia and sweet almond bushes along a narrow walkway and now have to prune constantly to avoid a jungle path. However, the cassia shades some other plants during the summer and the almond has a wonderful scent.

Q: What are some challenges you face in the garden?

Answer: Physical limitations to yard maintenance. I concentrate on two small areas; my backyard is rather plain.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for fellow gardeners?

Answer: Start small. One or two pretty pots can make you smile as much as a yard full. Research well. Be thankful for a good helper.

Have you ever been so proud of your garden that you wished you had some way to show it off? We’re looking for readers’ photos and growing tips for our “How Does Your Garden Grow?” feature in Baylife. It doesn’t matter if you have a small container garden or a long-established landscape; we want to hear about it. Just answer the questions above and email them along with a couple of jpgs of your garden to [email protected] Or mail your answers and photos to Baylife, The Tampa Tribune, 202 S. Parker St., Tampa, FL 33606. Please include a phone number and/or email (not for publication).

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