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Monday, May 21, 2018
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'Doonesbury' will no longer run daily in Tribune

Starting this month (and for the foreseeable future), cartoonist Garry Trudeau will no longer be drawing a daily “Doonesbury” strip.

Trudeau has decided to focus his efforts on another endeavor: writing and producing the Amazon Instant Video comedy “Alpha House.”

That meant the Tribune and the other newspapers that carry “Doonesbury” had to decide whether to drop it on weekdays or run “Doonesbury Flashbacks” starting this week. Rather than rerun the flashback strips, we decided to go with something new — the award-winning “Rhymes with Orange” by cartoonist Hilary Price.

Why did we choose that one? Because we think it's funny. It doesn't have a running story line or a cast of recurring characters — it's just Price's pithy take on what's going on around us every day.

Trudeau will continue to produce an original strip for Sundays, and we will continue to run it. But we've sort of made it a policy to make a change whenever comic strips go into reruns. We like the idea of giving artists who are still drawing daily strips a chance; and though “Rhymes with Orange” isn't a new strip, it is very fresh.

Over the years, our readers have asked us many times to dump “Doonesbury.” We've resisted because we felt it still had something to say, some current points to make. Now it won't. So we're moving on, as well, and bidding the daily Doonesbury strip adieu.

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