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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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We Tried It: Click n Curl by Casual Panache

Available at www.click-n-curl.com or at Amazon.com; about $45 for the medium roller set (smaller rollers and add-on sets also available)

The pitch: “The fastest way to get professional styling results.”

The skinny: On a recent trip to Paris, I packed my cumbersome set of hot rollers because they are a nonnegotiable beauty product for me. Within 15 minutes of arriving at the hotel, I fried them when I forgot to switch from 110 to 220 volts. So there I was, stuck in the City of Lights with no hot rollers to put some lift and life into my flattened hair. And there wasn’t a set to be had anywhere in the city. I ended up resorting to a curling iron, which I never really mastered.

If only I had known about Click n Curl! This handy-dandy styling tool allows you to remove the six round brush heads from the handle with a simple click, turning them into free-standing rollers and allowing each section of hair to cool and set. You can use it on wet or dry hair, because the rollers are designed to retain heat.

Yes, it’s a lot easier to use hot rollers, but I like the styling option with this product — as long as you can devote time to the process.

I’m going to forgive the Click n Curl for being one of those cheesy “As Seen on TV” products, and I will set aside the website’s boast that in a few simple steps, you, too, can achieve “Kate Middleton’s elegant, princess-worthy hair.” Keep in mind that you will need to be fairly ambidextrous to handle styling and drying at the same time.

I took the rollers for a test run to my hairdresser, who used them on my hair for a bouncy blowout. Instead of using multiple brushes and a lot of deft handiwork, he only used the Click n Curl — and it worked beautifully. His assessment: thumbs up.

(Naturally, I could not achieve at home what he accomplished in the salon, but that’s the way it always is.)

For a “how-to” demonstration, check out tips and tricks at www.youtube.com/clickncurl.

This is now a “must” item for my travels because it’s so easy to pack. But I’ll stick with time-saving hot rollers on the homefront, because patience is not one of my virtues.

Michelle Bearden

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