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Friday, May 25, 2018
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We Tried It: Arctic Ease, cool compression wrap

$14.99, available at CVS pharmacies The pitch: "Treats injuries, swelling, inflammation and aches and pains by cooling tissue and skin . without ice, refrigeration or the need to apply bulky inconvenient ice bags or cold compresses." The skinny: I love this idea, which blends a classic Ace-style bandage, compression wraps and the cooling my achy muscles need after an injury or excessively painful workout. I've spent plenty of hours with awkwardly wrapped cold packs on my arms and legs and always wished there was something better. Arctic Ease promises to cool your aches at 59 degrees for three hours. And it does feel about that cool when you apply it. But thanks to body heat - or simply that you grow accustomed to the feel - it doesn't feel that cool for very long.
Also, there are a few drawbacks to the wrap, starting with the plastic-like surface of the wrap, which feels clammy and kind of slimy. Also, you may want to get metal bandage clamps to hold the bandage in place. It's slimy, but it isn't sticky. The smartly designed plastic jar container allows you to add just a little water to remoisten the used wrap. Wait a few hours and it's supposed to be good as new. And it does work, though too much water amplifies the slimy factor. The wrap claims it is good for up to 10 uses. Mary Shedden
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