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Monday, Sep 25, 2017
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We Lost it: Richard and Vicky Munoz, both 66

Richard and Vicky Munoz, both 66, Gibsonton Richard lost 81.8 Pounds and Vicky lost 78.4 Pounds Vicky_    Rich_    Vicky cell 813-758-4145 RICHARD'S HEIGHT: 5-feet-9
VICKY'S HEIGHT: 5-feet-2 RICHARD'S STARTING WEIGHT: 250 pounds  VICKY'S STARTING WEIGHT: 229 pounds RICHARD'S CURRENT WEIGHT: 168 pounds VICKY'S CURRENT WEIGHT: 151 POUNDS WHY WE DID IT: Rich had been a person who watched his health. He jogged regularly. But when he retired, he began to enjoy retirement a little too much. He began to eat unhealthy foods and began to gain weight. He was getting to the age of receiving Medicare and wanted to become healthier and get off his medication. I also was getting too heavy and considered other means to lose weight. We joined Weight Watchers on March 17, 2010. HOW WE DID IT: We are blessed to have a great Weight Watchers leader, Mary Jo Gallamore. We attend meetings, and she gives us great encouragement. The program works. When we were faithful to track and weigh our food, we saw results. We were encouraged as we saw the pounds drop! As we attended Weight Watchers, we met friends who also encouraged us and we them. That is what the meetings are all about, encouraging one another in this journey.  As we traveled this journey, we found we needed to add exercise. We met a friend at Weight Watchers and found out we lived in the same subdivision.  She had a pool and we would exercise in her pool and take walks together. We are known as the Three Musketeers. We attend the meeting together and we go out to lunch every Wednesday after Weight Watchers. That is what is so good about Weight Watchers; you can go out to restaurants and live a normal life. The main thing is portion control.  Our friend has more weight to lose, so she still has not reached her goal. And even though we both have reached our goal weight (Rich on June 15, 2011, and me on Feb. 15), we attend Weight Watchers every week to keep us on track and to encourage our friend. We changed our lifestyle and began to eat differently. We began to eat more vegetables and fruits. We tried new recipes and used the Weight Watchers website to get ideas and plan our meals. HURDLES: It isn't always an easy journey. Sometimes we reach a plateau and stay the same, but we didn't give up. All of a sudden, the weight began to drop off again. There were hurdles to get over from time to time. Sometimes I would get discouraged and tired and just didn't feel like exercising, but my friend would call and say come on over and let's get in the pool or let's go for a walk.  When I began to exercise, my depression would begin to go away. GOING THE DISTANCE: In the two years that we have been Weight Watchers we have missed two meetings: one because of Richard's knee surgery and one for my spine surgery. We were able to undergo both surgeries successfully because of our weight loss. BEST ADVICE: Richard has maintained his weight goal for over a year. His advice: Everyone is different and will lose at a different pace.  Don't get discouraged and understand that you will have a bad meal, a bad day, but just go to the next meal, the next day and get back on track. My advice is to follow the plan and exercise. You have to do both -- they work hand in hand. I drink lots of water while I am on the computer doing the Weight Watchers e-tools and Facebook. Keeping hydrated is very important for me.  I would advise everyone to get the tools that Weight Watchers offers.  I would also advise people to find a Weight Watchers leader and meeting that motivate you. Our leader and our Weight Watchers group are great!  They have provided the support and encouragement that have given us an extension on life.  We are both off all medications and we feel great.

I Lost It! is a regular feature highlighting individual weight-loss success stories and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of 4you, which encourages you to work with a physician or a nutritionist before embarking on a diet. To share your story, visit TBO.com, search Lost It; or email 4you@tampatrib.com; or mail to 4you, The Tampa Tribune, 200 S. Parker St., Tampa FL 33606.
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