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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Videos help you get to pomegranate ‘bling’

Packed with antioxidants and loaded with vitamin C, potassium and fiber, pomegranates are often described as one of the super fruits. (The juice has merits, too, but it doesn’t include the fiber.)

And they’re gorgeous. The seeds — the only part you eat — sparkle like rubies; BuzzFeed.com’s food blog described them recently as “nature’s bling.”

But how do you get to the seeds? It can be a messy, inefficient affair. There’s a lot of good help online — and it comes from pomegranate-loving cultures around the world. Most can be found with a quick YouTube search.

That’s Peshwaz Faizulla demonstrates a method from India that begins with cutting off the top (“scalp it, like a human being”) and scoring the sides and ends to create sections you can pull apart like an orange. The seeds can then be released easily “so you can give them to your beloved.”

At JustATaste.com, Kelly Senyei emphasizes keeping your hands and kitchen clean — pomegranate juice stains things — by seeding it submerged in a bowl of water. New-agey Evan Rock has a no-water method on YouTube that treats the fruit like a naughty child: “You’ve been a bad pomegranate,” he scolds, spanking out the seeds with a wooden spoon.

But to get the most fun along with your vitamin C, tune into Crazy Russian Hacker, a self-described “natural zombie killer” whose YouTube video is aggressively entitled “You’ve been eating pomegranate wrong all your life.” Standing in what looks like a vacant lot, wearing a dirty T-shirt and wielding a vicious-looking knife more suited to a zombie movie than a kitchen, he speaks in a heavy Russian accent, beginning with “this is a — ‘pomagan’? How you pronounce this?” and ends by eating seeds exuberantly by the handful. But his method works.

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