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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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I Lost It! ‘Something just clicked that it was time’

Alan Roberts, 53, Largo

HEIGHT: 6 feet



WHY I DID IT: I was sick and tired of being overweight. Simple things like getting off the couch and tying my shoes were not so simple anymore. Something just clicked that it was time. I didn’t want to wear the size I was wearing. Some of my pants had a 50-inch waist. I am now a 36-inch waist.

HOW I DID IT: I started attending Weight Watchers meetings on Saturday mornings; however, the leader, Beverly, refers to them as “parties” as opposed to “meetings.” My wife and I attend these meetings together. It is a normal part of our routine. I started walking with her and now we go to the Largo Recreation Center daily. I run on the treadmill for about 3 miles. I am proud of this accomplishment; I went from having difficulty getting off the couch to running on the treadmill. WE are a team. Doing it together has made all the difference. My coworkers, family, friends (Facebook and face to face) have all been so complimentary and supportive.

HURDLES: Once I made my mind up that I wanted to be healthy for the rest of my life, I did not allow anything to get in the way of this. Sometimes the choices I made resulted in a weight-gain — sometimes they did not. The bottom line is that I never gave up or allowed these things to be an excuse to returning to my old ways of eating.

GOING THE DISTANCE: I am continuing to follow the Weight Watchers program, and plan to the rest of my life. The program is free as long as I maintain my goal weight (no more than 2 pounds above). Weight Watchers is always based on the latest scientific and medical evidence. I am confident that they will always be on the cutting edge of the latest info on weight loss.

BEST ADVICE: Never ever give up. If I have a bad day, it doesn’t have to turn into a bad week or a bad month — I just start following the program again.

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