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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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NuFoot footwear

Available at www.Nufoot.com; $14.99

The pitch: “Nufoot is reinventing indoor footwear, where comfort and style coexist to make for happier feet! Made with the latest sports technology, Nufoot is water-resistant, germ-proof, anti-microbial and super comfortable, as the skid-resistant soles give you a good grip on any indoor surface.”

The skinny: There is so much I like about this footwear, I don’t know where to begin. From the moment I slipped them on, they became best friends with my size 12 footsies.

These stretchy neoprene slip-ons are water-resistant, anti-skid, form-fitting and comfortable.

I wore my Nufoot footwear in the gym shower on several occasions and they never lost their shape or got smelly. I threw them in the wash, let them air dry and they were good as new. I wore them to yoga classes, and they were comfortable and provided a nice grip for my feet. The anti-skid soles made me feel more stable holding my poses.

I also wear them around the house. And they’re so soft and flexible, it would be easy to toss them in a bag and pull them out on a plane or long car ride. All of this, and they look super-cute on my feet (they make them look small, too).

While I did stroll around the backyard and driveway in them, I don’t recommend wearing them outdoors, because you just never know what you might step on.

Nufoot footwear is a real keeper. And it comes in dozens of styles, colors and prints for women, men and children.

Cloe Cabrera

Weather Center