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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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No more Facebook as brag book with Unbaby.me

So your Facebook friends of a certain age are all becoming proud grandparents. Good for them. But does that mean you have to see every photo ever taken of their beautiful little grandbabies? No it doesn't. Not if you download Unbaby.me, a new web tool that uses keywords to filter out the baby pics and replaces them with photos that won't make you green and mean — puppies, plants, famous people — at least until you have some perfectly adorable grandkids of your own to brag about. (You have to have Google Chrome or Firefox to get it.) Marketed to 20- and 30-somethings who are tired of friends oversharing about their offspring on their Facebook feeds, Unbaby.me could serve anxious grandparent-wanna-bes just as well.
It's a little like unfriending someone, though, so be prepared for some blow-back if you mention that you're using it. Or don't mention it. Just smile and nod when your friends ask if you've seen the latest pics of their precocious progeny — and nudge your own grown children to get the baby-making show on the road. Kim Franke-Folstad
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