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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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New Pilates DVD designed for breast cancer survivors

Mari Winsor, the woman behind Winsor Pilates and Miley Cyrus’s Pilates instructor, has created a new Pilates video centered on helping those who are recovering from breast cancer and other life-changing diseases heal.

“No one has done a workout for someone who has had breast surgery or another surgery. It’s daunting enough to find out you have a new disease, but what do you do when you’re on the mend?” Winsor said.

And so, Pink Ribbon Pilates was born. The DVD includes four separate workouts. Each workout allows the viewer to adapt based on their ability level, by either using a Theraband or not.

Each workout only takes 20 minutes — viewers can combine them if they want a lengthier workout. Winsor explained that her workouts were designed this way in order to appeal to those who are short on time or energy.

“When you are recovering, you have to be really cognizant and pay attention to your body. People who are recovering are eager to become healthy again, and this can help,” Winsor said.

As time goes on, Winsor said, those who practice classical Pilates could expect to see many changes in their bodies.

She trumpets perks such as more energy, better sleep, better balance awareness, straighter posture and a new body that can come as a result of Pilates.

“It’s quite a journey as you go to see what kind of changes you can make in your body. It’s very empowering,” Winsor said.

“I love to see people feel better about themselves through Pilates. It’s a truly thrilling process.”

Pink Ribbon Pilates can be purchased at www.amazon.com for $12.93.

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