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Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017
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Five ways to get an energy boost

Put down the mega-latte! The editors at Women’s Health magazine have five healthier ways to get a lasting boost for your day. Fire up your iPod: Blasting Jay-Z may snap you out of your stupor, but not just because you dig his furious beats. Music stimulates almost every region of the brain. When you perform the same tasks each day, it’s easy to get lulled into sleepiness, but background tunes combat the monotony, enhancing concentration and focus. For a stronger jolt, play a feel-good favorite for three minutes. Anything from Britney to Bach will work, as long as it’s upbeat. Watch that ridiculous YouTube clip: Laughter doesn’t actually release endorphins. It does, however, increase your heart rate and activate your muscular system, making you feel instantly revived. Break your hoarding habits: A messy desk or kitchen counter can be a serious drain. The reminder of everything we haven’t gotten to yet really drags us down. If you don’t have time for an overhaul, simply filing loose papers into folders can clear your mind. Try using a tray for critical items, so you can remove them from sight without worrying they’ll be forgotten.
Take a meditation moment: It may seem counterintuitive, but silence can really revive you. Your brain and body are constantly responding to stimuli, which is exhausting. But it takes only 60 seconds of quiet time to replace all that dissipated energy. Sit quietly and breathe deeply for five breaths, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling slowly. Grab some peppermint: Aromatherapists have long relied on peppermint oil as a natural stimulant. Researchers found that sniffing peppermint immediately improves athletes’ running speed and office workers’ typing speed. Its scent acts as a mood enhancer that boosts your motivation and concentration. So grab an infusion, whether it’s breath mints, lip gloss or hand lotion.
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