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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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4you Beauty Board tests eye creams

If you're never quite sure whether the ads for popular beauty products can be believed, relax. Our 4you Beauty Board is made up of veteran testers ready to try the latest when it comes to all things beauty. We'll share what worked and what bombed with the hope of making life a little easier for you. Check out our online database of reviews at TBO.com, search: Health. Eminence Bearberry Eye Repair Cream Available at spas, including Angelica’s Beauty and Waxing (angelicasbeautyandwaxing.com), Believe Day Spa (believedayspaonline.com) and Glow Day Spa (glowdayspatampa.com) and online at amazon.com; for a complete list go to Eminenceorganics.com or call 1-888-747-6342; around $70 for .5 ounces
“Ultra-hydrating eye cream with bioactive ingredients to hydrate and nourish the fragile eye contour area and reduce the visible signs of aging.” Rating: C - Cloe says: One of my most trusted beauty gurus, Paula Begoun, known as the Cosmetics Cop and author of “The Original Beauty Bible,” says the cosmetics industry has done a great job of convincing women eye creams are essential for eliminating wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and any other problem you have. The problem is there is no research to prove the skin around your eyes needs something different than the rest of your face. Still, I gave this eye cream a shot. It’s organic and contains bearberry, clover and parsley extracts, eye bright and hop extract to brighten, moisturize and reduce the visible signs of aging. I used it for several weeks and experienced the same results I did with their Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer, which I happen to love. It moisturized the skin around my eyes (which plumps the skin making wrinkles less prominent) and it didn’t irritate my peepers. But $70 was a bit too steep a price to pay for the results I got from this eye cream. I’ll stick to my face moisturizer. Cloe Cabrera, 45, covers entertainment and style for the Tribune, TBO.com and Centro Tampa. Neova Eye Therapy Available online at neova.com, amazon.com, dermstore.com and beautycheap.com. Neova products are sold at some medical spas and dermatologists offices, but none in the Tampa Bay area are listed on the Neova website; $45 to $55 for 0.5 ounces “These unique award-winning Combination Therapy skin care formulas (DNA repair and Copper Peptide Complex) target photodamaged skin, help to visibly improve it and have revolutionized the way women care for their skin.” Grade: C Wendy says: I’m always on the lookout for a magical anti-aging wrinkle reducer. I haven’t found one that does everything I’m looking for, but some are better than others. I would rate Neova Eye Therapy as average. The maker touts its regenerative abilities, which come from Copper Peptide Complex and DNA repair mitosomes, but I couldn’t see a lot of difference after several months of nightly use. I did not seem to develop any new wrinkles, so maybe that’s something. And I can’t say what is going on beneath the surface. The product has some positives: It is a lightweight, soothing gel that goes on easily. And it lasts. But it is not moisturizing. If you’re looking for moisture, you need to use another product. I was using the serum at night, but recently I switched to using it in the morning, which seems to work better for me. At night, I use an eye cream. Alas, Neova doesn’t seem to be the elixir I’m looking for. My quest continues. Wendy M. Whitt, 46, is a freelance writer and editor. Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream with Vibransea Complex Available at restorsea.com and amazon.com; $85 for .5 ounces “Significantly reduces the appearance of crow's feet and dark circles WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS.” Rating: B- Clarisa says: How appropriate that I was asked to join Beauty Board after my oldest daughter asked me, “WHAT is wrong with your eyes?” while sharing the bathroom mirror. Oh, 40s, how I hate you sometimes. I was immediately intrigued by Restorsea’s literature. Their back story: The founder took a tour of Norway’s largest salmon hatchery and noticed how young the workers’ hands looked. She took the enzyme released during the baby salmon hatching process and developed the “first skincare line to harness the power of Vibransea.” The cream was pretty much odorless (not fishy, if you’re worried about that) and the first few days I noticed a slight tingling sensation (it’s working!). My skin is sensitive and I wear contacts, but I didn’t experience any redness or peeling and the skin around my eyes was definitely softer. I don’t spend a lot on anti-aging products (yet), so for $85 I wasn’t blown away. My daughter’s verdict: no difference. Sigh. Clarisa Gerlach, 41, is a TBO.com news editor. Pevonia lumafirm Eye Contour -- Lift & Glow Available at pevonia.com or at local specialty spas; $70 for .5 ounces Grade: A “A powerful formula and a Biomimetic Liposomic Technology combine to work deeply, transforming the lumafirm Eye Contour Lift & Glow into the ultimate anti-aging shield. Immediately performing to visibly smooth lines and wrinkles, it quickly diminishes dark circles and eases puffiness around your eyes.” Mary says: My sensitive aging eyes create a dilemma each time I search for a new eye cream. This Pevonia product is so pricy, but it works better than anything else I’ve used. It’s silky and doesn’t irritate my eyes, which tend to tear up easily. I saw the circles and wrinkles around my eyes soften after just a few weeks. And I only needed a tiny dab, as I sparingly squeezed out every bit of its silky goodness. Mary Shedden, 46, covers health and fitness for The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com.
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