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Monday, Sep 25, 2017
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'Caregiver Hour' gives listeners advice, hope

There is a phenomenal little radio show called, "The Caregiver Hour." It is hosted by Kim Linder and originates from Tampa. I would like to send my congratulations to Kim, as she just celebrated her two-year mark with the show. This extraordinary radio talk show has provided our community with much-needed caregiver support, yielding encouragement, advice and helpful resources. As I always say, "knowledge is power," so I encourage all caregivers to listen in. Kim hosts guests who specialize in caring for loved ones afflicted with all kinds of maladies. I'm proud to say that I myself have had the opportunity to voice my opinions on her show many times. There are several call-in lines provided so you can ask for or give personal advice.
Kim's personal journey began 12 years ago when she worked at an assisted living facility. She loved working with the elderly, their families and her team inside the building. Still, she longed to leave the corporate world and begin working with family and professional caregivers. Her passion drove her to create her own business. She wondered, "What is the business going to be? How will I get my message out into the world?" It was her husband, Jack, who opined that radio should be her calling. Another trait I admire about Kim is that she has the patience and ability to coach one-on-one. Heartfelt discussions are arranged with the family members who are inevitably stuck in denial. Kim's newest venture is as a support group leader at Emeritus of Carrollwood in Tampa. I had the pleasure of speaking to her group a while back. Kim believes we are entering a new age of caregiving. There is more honesty between caregivers, and they are not ashamed to seek guidance. I strongly agree that times have changed for the better. When I started this journey 15 years ago, there was nothing out there for those dealing with Alzheimer's. The difference between now and then is colossal, and radio shows like "The Caregiver Hour" are a big part of that. To listen to Kim's show, tune in from 11 a.m. to noon every Monday on WHNZ 1250 AM or listen online at www.whnz.com. Or you can go to www.thecaregiverhour.com, where all shows are archived so people can listen 24/7.

Gary Joseph LeBlanc was the primary caregiver for a decade after his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He can be reached at us41books@bellsouth.net. His newly released book, "While I Still Can," and the expanded edition of "Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness" can be found at whileistillcanbook.com, stayingafloatbook.com, amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.
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