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Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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Primetime Beauty Board reviews facial cleansers

PRIMETIME Beauty Board reviews facial cleansers If you're never quite sure whether the ads for popular beauty products can be believed, relax. Our 4you Beauty Board is made up of veteran testers ready to try the latest when it comes to all things beauty. We'll share what worked and what bombed with the hope of making life a little easier for you. Check out our online database of reviews at TBO.com, search: Health. L'Oreal Paris RevitalLift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser
Available at most retail drugstores; $5 for 5 ounces "Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and helps enhance skin smoothness and radiance." Rating: B+ Michelle says: The good old days of just rinsing my face off with water at the end of the day are long gone. Now cleaning up after a day of facial abuse is a protracted bedtime ritual: Remove eye makeup. Blot off makeup with astringent. Use cleanser for a deep cleaning. Moisturize like a maniac. Apply a lot of wrinkle cream. I'm happy to report that L'Oreal's cleanser is a dream, lathering up perfectly and removing all the dirt and residue collected in my pores. Because it also exfoliates, it leaves your face positively glowing and smooth to the touch. I can slather on that moisturizer with confidence, knowing my skin is squeaky clean. It has a slight scent that isn't overwhelming. The best part is that it's very affordable, which means you can lather up to your heart's delight. Mom always told me a good cleanser is essential, so I was glad to find one that does the job at a bargain price. Michelle Bearden, 57, covers  faith and values for The Tampa Tribune, TBO.com and WFLA-TV. yesto blueberries Age Refresh Smoothing Daily Cleanser Available at Walgreens and major retail stores: $9.99 for a 4.5 ounce tube "... milk-based gentle facial cleanser ... formulated with apple, lemon peel, coconut oil, and blueberries ... 95% naturally derived cleanser to help sweep away dirt and grime and brighten ..." Rating: A Jana says: I have been looking for a new facial cleanser that would take off all of my makeup, including layers of lash-building mascara. My skin is sensitive, so I have to be careful what I use. The consistency of thick cream and lightly scented, yesto blueberries does indeed remove all of my makeup! It easily washes off with warm water and a soft cloth. My skin was left smooth and firm, with a slight film that was quickly absorbed. Fine lines did seem to diminish and after applying makeup, the finished "painting" looked fresh and bright! Conclusion: We have a winner! Blueberries are not just for eating! Jana Reicherter, 62, recently retired after 41 years as a teacher at Ballast Point Elementary School in Tampa. Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase HydraBalance Foaming Cleanser Available at Walgreens; $8.49 for a 5-ounce tube "Cleanses & perfects skin's moisture balance. For all skin types, even sensitive skin." Rating: A- Bobbi says: I normally use a facial wipe to remove my makeup, as they are easy to use and travel with. So using a cleanser was new to me. I decided to try this cleanser on half of my face to see if I noticed any difference. After awhile I did feel that the side I was using it on felt softer and not dry. You apply it on moist skin and massage for a minute, then rinse thoroughly. It makes a very nice lather, but not what I consider foamy. The product didn't irritate my eyes, and it is fragrance and paraben free. Overall it was nice to use, and HydraBalance Foaming Cleanser did a good job. Bobbi Lionetti, 72, is a retired military wife and professional volunteer. Neutrogena Visibly Bright Daily Cream Cleanser Available at Walgreens, CVS and other retail stores that sell beauty products; about $8.79 for 6.7 ounces "The unique formula, infused with soy and vitamin C, dissolves skin-dulling impurities and tired-looking surface skin cells. Plus, this formula with a citrus-antioxidant complex instantly refreshes your skin." Rating: B Kim says: I've always liked Neutrogena products. They're reliable and affordable, and this facial cleanser is no exception. It does the job and makes my face feel clean and fresh. It has almost no odor (a plus for me), and it's easy to rinse off with just a splash of water. I wish I'd felt more of a tingle to know it's doing something to make me look younger, because it's hard to say if my skin is actually "brighter" or not. But it doesn't dry my skin out the way other cleansers do, and that's a biggie. On the Neutrogena website, this product is sold in a pump bottle for a dollar less; mine came in a tube, which I prefer. Kim Franke-Folstad, 54, is the editor of 4you.
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