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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Beauty Board Reviews Sunscreens

If you’re never quite sure whether the ads for popular beauty products can be believed, relax. Our 4you Beauty Board is made up of veteran testers ready to try the latest when it comes to all things beauty. We’ll share what worked and what bombed with the hope of making life a little easier for you.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick, SPF 70

Available at most major drug stores, Walmart and Target, and online at neutrogena.com; $10.99 for a 1.5-ounce stick

“Delivers powerful sun protection in a breakthrough lightweight stick for daily protection from the sun.”

Rating: B-

Clarisa says: I debated what grade to give this new face and body stick sunscreen. There are many things I liked, starting with the application. The sunscreen is shaped like a wide deodorant stick and it’s super easy to apply. For parents of kids who squirm during lotion application or run away while getting sprayed, this was a breeze for them to use, too. No messes either. It glides on and you don’t have to rub it in. Another plus: It’s easy to tuck in a bag and take with you. Here’s the problem: I had a difficult time washing it off. I had to really scrub to remove the sunscreen, and even then I felt a little residue. But isn’t this exactly the longevity I want from a sunscreen? In a pinch, I will use this again, and it’s become the go-to sunscreen for my kids.

Clarisa Gerlach, 41, is a TBO.com news editor.

Target Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Continuous Spray, SPF 50

Available at Target; $4.99 for 6 ounces

“Safeguard your skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays with the Up & Up Sport Sunscreen continuous spray. ... This skin care lotion is water resistant, allowing you to use it before heading for water activities or games like surfing, jet-skiing or water skiing.”

Rating: A

Janine says: Rather belatedly, I am a big fan of sunscreen.

As a teenager in the ‘80s on Florida’s east coast, I wouldn’t get within 10 miles of the stuff and, boy, do I pay for it now. So making up for my past sins and teaching my own teenage daughters good skin care habits is of utmost importance. I brought out the Up & Up Continuous Spray during a few days of lawn care tasks at home, but I really try to limit my exposure on those days anyway. The real test came the weekend my girls were competing in a three-day state finals flag football championship under sunny Florida skies. I liberally sprayed them, really enjoying the fine mist that didn’t have to be rubbed in. They needed their hands to not be slippery, lest there be crucial dropped balls or missed flag pulls in the big game! The back-up Banana Boat spray I brought went on more squirty and not as misty as the Up & Up, which was noticed by team members I also had to protect from the harsh UV rays. (They need to be focused on their game and not running to the restrooms to wash their hands. This is serious football, people.) Even with lots of sweat and missed opportunities to re-apply between games, the sunscreen — which claims to have an 80-minute duration of protection — really held up and kept the kids (and this fan) burn-free. My daughters’ red faces at the end of the tourney? Not from sunburn, but from bawling with happiness at having won their first state title.

Janine Dorsey, 43, is a producer at TBO.com

Kiss My Face Bare Naked with Air Powered Body Mist, SPF 30

Available at amazon.com, walgreens.com and some health food stores; $15.99 for 6 ounces

“Ultra-sheer, barely there protection! This convenient Air Powered Spray combines a lightweight sunscreen with our blend of Antioxidant Defenders (Green Tea, Vitamins C & E), along with soothing Aloe and Cucumber. And this, one-touch, any angle spray is designed for those hard to reach areas for easy sun defense ... clearly!”

Rating: A-

Kim says: The ad copy for this product puts a big emphasis on the “Air Powered Body Mist,” and rightly so. I can’t imagine why anyone still slathers on sunscreen with their hands — unless it’s for the face. But the best part of this sunscreen for me is the mix of ingredients that soothes and cools while you’re wearing it. Out of the sun, I use the Kiss My Face After Play Air Powered Moisturizer Creme ($11.99 for 6 ounces) which has many of the same ingredients as well as shea butter and olive oil. Again, the air-powered delivery is a plus — no more trying force the last bit out of the bottom of the bottle — but it’s the blend that makes it worth trying. The moisturizer is a little slow to absorb, but it’s light on the skin and has a pleasant “beachy” scent. Together the sunscreen and the moisturizer make a great defense against the summer sun.

Kim Franke-Folstad, 55, is the editor of 4you.

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