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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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4you Beauty Board Tests Lipsticks

If you’re never quite sure whether the ads for popular beauty products can be believed, relax. Our 4you Beauty Board is made up of veteran testers ready to try the latest when it comes to all things beauty. We’ll share what worked and what bombed with the hope of making life a little easier for you.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge #3 Light Rosewood

Available at makeupforever.com, sephora.com and Sephora stores; $24

“Make a splash this summer with bright, beautiful, long-lasting colors from the award-winning Aqua range. With new smudge-proof shades for eyes and lips, dressing up your warm weather wardrobe has never been so easy.”

Rating: B+

Janine says: I sip, sip, sip at iced tea all day. I also chew gum and blow the occasional bubble. (I know, not very ladylike!) To find a lip product that will endure this constant abuse is a challenge.

The promotional copy says the color complements any look. I’d describe it as kind of a “juiced up” neutral.

The lip color worn alone felt much nicer and not sticky, but it seemed a shame to use only half of the product, so I flipped it over and applied the top coat of gloss. The clear gloss definitely prolonged the wear and looked nice. By the second day of testing, I was used to the slight tackiness, and even reapplied the gloss halfway through the day.

I did not have that dreaded half-worn-off-lipstick; the Aqua Rouge didn’t come off until I washed my face at the end of the day.

This is a product I will pack for my upcoming vacation so that my pucker is always perfect for photos in Paris!

Janine Dorsey, 43, is a producer for TBO.com

Pacific Illusions Beauty “Bondi” paraben-free mineral lipstick

Available online at pacificillusions.com; $24

“Heal and revitalize lips with shea butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil while adding a gorgeous touch of color. Paraben-free, enriched with natural mineral ingredients, lead-free, cruelty-free and unscented.”

Rating: D

Erin says: I should preface my review of this product by saying that I’m not much of a lipstick-wearer. I generally throw on some ChapStick and call it a day. If I want something with color, I’ll typically go with a stain, which I like because I can’t feel it on my lips.

What I did like about this lipstick is its neutral color, which is great for everyday wear. That it’s free of parabens is definitely a plus.

What I didn’t like is just about everything else — my lips felt neither healed nor revitalized.

Pacific Illusions Beauty says jojoba oil in this product “works to slow the loss of moisture.” After applying the lipstick, my lips felt moist at first, but dried up within about 10 minutes. Just about every time I used it, the lipstick began clumping up and I found myself wiping it off within an hour.

All in all, the neutral color of this product gets an “A,” but the moisture factor leaves a lot to be desired. I think I’ll stick to ChapStick.

Erin Kourkounis, 26, covers education in Hillsborough County for the Tampa Tribune and TBO.com.

Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color, Stormy Sahara

Available at Walgreens, CVS and Walmart; $5.50 to $8.79

“True nude lipstick pigments for honest flesh tone color. Uniquely sensuous feel from precious oils. Raw. Real. Pigments explode with sensuous impact.”

Rating: D

Kim says: I’m not a great lover of bold lipstick colors. I think they look fabulous when the shade is right — and the person who’s applying the color knows what she’s doing. But I am not so brave. I usually opt for neutrals so I can apply on the fly — without a mirror, if necessary. So I thought I would love this new Maybelline line, and particularly this shade, which is close to my own lip color and is supposed to be moisturizing.

I do like the color — it’s light and great for summer — but I have never used a lipstick that made me feel so old. This lipstick seems to show every crease in my lips (and I have never been a smoker).

Another problem: It doesn’t last. Within minutes, it seemed to simply disappear, so I didn’t even get the benefits of this product’s “precious oils.”

Kim Franke-Folstad, 55, is the editor of 4you.

Burberry Soft Satin Lip Cover in Delicate Rose

Available at Nordstrom, nordstrom.com and burberry.com; $30

“Burberry Lip Cover adds a touch of radiance. The lightweight combination of nourishing oils and gel dispersed pigment ensures intense moisture and long lasting colour. Burberry Lip Cover contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lip definition.”

Rating: B+

Elizabeth says: This lipstick is a nice, pink-tinted neutral. The color goes on light, so don’t be afraid to apply liberally. But even with a second coat, the color still doesn’t look overly-smudgy or glossy. It doesn’t have that ‘90s “frosty” look that some light pink lip colors can have.

Overall, I liked this lipstick. It doesn’t taste funny or smell bad, and as far as I know, it didn’t get stuck to my teeth. (At least no one told me it did.)

My only complaint would be that the color doesn’t last very long. I had to reapply every two hours or so. Normally I wouldn’t be too bothered by that, but this lipstick isn’t cheap.

Elizabeth Behrman, 26, covers crime for The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com.

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